Jun 13-16 AJGA South Padre Island
Jun 20 STPGA Pro Junior
Jun 23 Texas Junior Amateur Qualifier Riverhill
Jun 27 US Junior Amateur Qualifier Cedar
Jun 29-Jul 1 San Antonio Junior Championship
Jul 4- Jul 7 AJGA The Rawls Texas Tech
Jul 13-14 TJGT Bandit Classic
Aug 8-9 TJGT Tour Championships

STPGA Lakeway Live Oak

March 19, 2017 701 Views

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  1. It's nice to see the course i work on here on YouTube. The live oak course can be a challenging course to play, but with the lack of bunkers, it's still a well laid out course and much easier course to play than the other three. Those that play live oak prefer live oak than the others because it's easier to play but challenging at the same time

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